Hello there. It’s been week I guess since my first post. I have been busy packing, travelling back to the UK, unpacking etc. Well tomorrow marks the official start of my final year at the university. Knowing that fact, I start to get emotional because I know that I am so going to miss being here after I graduate. The environment, the unpredictable weather, the welcoming and pleasant locals ( might not be all but most of the people I have met ). AAHH I’M NOT READY TO BE BACK FOR GOOD YET! These past few days, I did a lot of thinking of how is it like when I am back for good in Malaysia. One good thing is that I have my family there but I often think about the communication I will have with the Malaysian citizens. Not to be judgemental or “lupa daratan” but from what I’ve observed, I really love seeing the moral values portrayed by the British citizens compared to the Malaysians. To me, they are the ones who have the attitudes and manners that every Muslims should have. I really admire that.
However, that’s how life works and these are the phases that I know that I have to face in this life. I might think that it’s not good for me but Allah thinks it’s good for me and that’s why He has set this path for me. You know what, I am forever grateful and thankful that I am one of chosen ones to go through what I am going through now. I mean He has arranged and planned everything in the best way that I could never imagine of having. He brought me through successes, failures, then He gave me chances after chances that made me realize that I am absolutely nothing without Him. Certainly I am not perfect but with Him, I become complete. And I hope and always pray that I never forget His love. InsyaAllah.

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