So yesterday was the start of the year. I had two lectures and they were not bad, the morning one was very lively as the lecturer was an American so of course! The evening one was relatively okay but I felt bad for feeling sleepy. I guess it was already kinda late and I was sitting nearly at the back so that should explain the reason why. I shall sit at the front seats for the upcoming lectures! 
Today was not really okay for me. OMG I felt sleepy again during the lecture :(((. I was focused at the beginning but then I just lost it. It was Microeconomics lecture and God knows how hard that subject is if you don’t get what it is about. And I also checked whether there are lecture notes for me to read but THERE’S NONE! I have no idea what to do next. I just hope that the lecturer will upload them soon. Please please please.
Hoping that tomorrow will be a great day for me and everyone. I’ll be having a lecture for FYP for an hour and that’s it. Hopefully I’ll make use of that one hour to really listen to the lecture. YOU CAN’T WASTE MORE TIME SOFEA. REMEMBER WHAT YOU YOU PROMISED TO YOURSELF. MAKE THIS YEAR COUNT FOR YOU, YOUR FAMILY AND ALLAH. InsyaAllah  ❤
Till next time!

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