Hi again guys! Today I feel like writing about personalities and I was just assured that I am an ambivert. Truthfully, I am a more of an introvert person since I am not an outspoken person and I get nervous easily being in front of many people. I like socializing with people, meeting new friends but it actually depends on the mood. Haha I am weird, I know. I think I was friendlier when I was in primary school because I got excited every time when I go to school. Well people grow up I guess and everyone’s behaviour just change. 
But I always thought to myself that I have to get out of my comfort zone and I have to be braver. I have to speak out of what’s going in my mind, ask anything that I want to ask etc. How long will I be like this? Sometimes I do get mad and frustrated with myself for not being brave enough to voice out my thoughts. Whenever I feel like speaking out, I always doubt myself whether should I say this? Is this logical or good enough to be asked about? Especially about what people would think of my questions later on. I do get tired of feeling like that, too tired but that is just who I am I think?
However, I am still proud of who I am right now. At least I feel better that I was before (during high school). I was very shy back then and my communication skills were very bad. Luckily I realized it and I knew that I have to change for better. So now, here I am, being an ambivert but not so extrovert. But I hope that one day, some day, I will be someone whom I have dreamt of being all this while – someone who knows that that it is never wrong to speak out of how she feels and what she thinks of something and she will never know of what’s ahead until she tries. 



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