Hey guys! How are you doing? Hope y’all are doing good wherever you are.
So, why this topic all of a sudden? Yesterday I played badminton with a few friends then we hung out after playing. We had coffees and talk like normal adults haha, you know like…. Omg I can’t even remember how the talk started until relationships’ question came in. They were asking about each other’s current and previous crushes, boyfriends, girlfriends, rejections, marriage plans etc. Then I was like “I REALLY DON’T WANNA GET INTO THIS”. Like seriously, it feels kinda awkward talking about relationships publicly with more than a person. 
But it was a good talk though. I love listening to people’s thoughts and trust me, my friends did have a lot of thoughts! :)))
It has been 5 years since I’ve had a boyfriend and truth to be told, I am already used to it. I mean, it’s going to be awkward if I were to have someone close again in my life besides my family and friends. YES I AM A VERY AWKWARD HUMAN BEING. I guess it’s been a long time since I have had someone confessing to me so right now, it feels very awkward if someone does. Unless that someone can make an effort to not make me feel awkward then I’ll be okay after a while maybe? I pity my future husband for having to deal with this later hahahahaha. 
Lately, I’ve seen a few couples breaking up due to some reasons such as meeting new partners, fights and a lot more reasons to be listed. This made me realize how complicated a relationship is unless you understand each other. For example, a guy and a girl have been in a relationship for more than, say 2 years and I consider that as long enough to get into a separation. They are usually seen as the happiest couple on Earth because they always spend time doing everything together, posting pictures together. But then, when these people unluckily have to be apart due to studying purpose, then one of them met someone new whom he/she can get along with. After a while, suddenly this separated couple get into fights and in the end they just go separate ways. Not even trying to work things out. I just don’t understand why would you get into a relationship, saying I love you and all then you just end the relationship without even trying to work it out again. Do you really love him/her? Because to me, if you really love someone with all your heart, if things do not work out eventually, you will make it work by any means. If you just want to be with someone temporarily then ditch him/her when you find someone else, that’s just playing. I do understand the concept of, “Dah kalau takde jodoh” (not meant to be) but still we have to work things out. If from the start like being a couple, you can just easily break up with someone, there’s a chance that you might do it when you’re married. I’m just saying there’s a chance, not everyone is like that. I don’t wanna be judgemental but this is what I thought. 
As for me, after seeing these things happened, I just hope that one fine day, my future someone would just make it simple and straightforward by telling me that “I seriously want to be with you for the rest of my life and I hope to get to meet your parents one day to make it official”. Tell me what kind of woman who would not want that? Well, after getting to know each other maybe for a few months, if Allah wills it, I certainly prefer to get married not so long after that. InsyaALLAH hopefully. 



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