Reaching the end of summer break


With so many activities and routines going on, these past two months have gone by just like that. Truthfully, I feel a bit sad for not be able to spend more time with my family even though most of my weekends have been only with them but I know there could have been more, especially during weekdays.
Now, I only have around a week left before going back to studying – FINAL YEARRRRR! I have many things going in my mind right now. I could not even describe how scared I am to face the final year; the year that will decide everything, where will I go next, what will I do. That huge responsibility I hold really freaks me out sometimes. As the eldest in my family, I hope to make my parents proud because that is what I should do. What else can I do besides making them happy right? They have sacrificed so much for me and my siblings . Now it is our turn to return the favour. When the new academic year starts, I promise to myself to work harder, try my absolute best to excel in everything I do for the sake of Allah SWT and for my family and make the year count! I hope so, insyaAllah.